Why We Crimp And Don't Solder Our Cable Lugs

Many people ask why we don't solder our cable lugs, and instead only crimp them?

Take a look at this picture of one of our lugs that has been cut in half. The cable at the right is what the wires looks like before crimping. You can see how all the individual wires have become pressed into one solid piece of copper with the lug (which is also made of copper), making an excellent electric connection. A correctly crimped connection utilizes enough pressure that the copper becomes fused at a molecular level with the lug, so it is physically one piece of metal.

Soldering on the other hand is an art that can easily be done incorrectly. And even when done correctly it suffers more from fatigue, vibration, heat, tension and age. Tests have shown that crimping is stronger and longer lasting under tension and heat. Helicopter manufactures crimp their lugs. Siemens motors crimp crimp their lugs.

Crimping also reduces labor so we can give you the best prices.

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