About Us

EV Drives
Bringing Electric Drive Systems To You

EV Drives is a distribution and development center for electric power components located on the Scenic Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Our goal is to provide high quality parts made in the USA, if possible, at reasonable prices that an individual or dealer can use to improve our lives without the use of so much noisy fossil fuel engines.  

The enthusiasm for electric power started when I was just a little kid playing with an RC car. It occurred to me that if this little toy could run for ½ an hour on 4D batteries then a full size car can do the same. At 14, with the help of my father, we converted a VW for town use. Now with the advent of lithium batteries, the future of electric power is sure to mature.

Thanks to all of our customers! We have expanded and have now three stores; our website, eBay and Amazon, to better bring the world of electric systems to you.