Cycle Analyst Meter

The Cycle Analyst by Grin Technologies gives you speedometer and many other dashboard features and battery monitor functions, including a very useful Watt Hours monitor. Although initially developed for electric bicycles, it has quickly become popular with many other electric vehicle types, including golf carts.

  • Speedometer
  • Watts, Amps & Volts
  • Speed, Distance & Time
  • Regenerative Watt-Hours Gained
  • Total Battery Cycles & Amp-Hours
  • Back lit Display
  • Water Resistant
  • Trip Data Saved On Power Down
  • Screen Dimensions: 5" x 2.25"

Mounting Methods
For mounting it is common to either make a cut-out in the dashboard, leaving the two buttons and screen displayed. There is also a 1/4" 20TPI threaded insert on the back that can be screwed into any standard camera mount attachment that are commonly available. Or you can create a bracket with a 1/4" bolt sticking out that will thread into the insert.

A Shunt Is Required For Golf Cart Applications
When using this model with golf carts you will need to install a high voltage shunt that we have available.

Cycle Analyst User Manual

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