Alltrax SR Motor Controllers

The Alltrax SR is the newest line of Series motor controllers. They offer the following benefits over the older AXE/NPX/SPM line.

  • Can withstand motor shorts, incorrect wiring and accidental shorts (wrench across the contacts)
  • Throttle is isolated from the KSI pin alleviating moisture problems
  • Auto throttle calibration (less problems from out-of-range throttles)
  • Easier programming (standard USB connection, no need to power externally)
  • Minimum voltage 12 volts (vs 18 volts on SPM)
  • Can run unit with or without fan housing
  • Better for boating and mining applications
  • Same mounting hole pattern as AXE units
  • Personality switch - 2 modes rocker or dial, to control speed for different users (coming soon)
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