Motenergy ME-1004 Brush-Type Permanent Magnet DC Motor

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The ME1004 is the same motor as the ME0708 but it has a double brush set to handle 200 amps continuous. This is a Permanent Magnet, Brush Type, DC Motor with Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets. The 1" shaft is similar to the shaft on most Lawn and Garden Tractor engines. This motor is perfect for an engine replacement on a Lawn and Garden tractor when converting the tractor to electric propulsion. No motor control is necessary for an engine-swap, but you will need to add a Contactor, Fuse, and 48 VDC batteries. For applications where a motor controller is required, we recommend that you use an SR-48500 and a solenoid that is rated for 400 amp continuous like the MZJ-400D with the appropriate diode & pre-charge resistor.Capable of 200 amps continuous, and 400 amps for 30 seconds. The efficiency is 90%.

Power 8.0 KW continuous @ 48V
16 KW for 1 minute @48V
Voltage 24 - 48 Volts
Speed 3360 rpm at 48V Unloaded
Size 8" OD, 6.4" long (w/o shaft)
Shaft 1" x 3.1", 1/4" key shaft
Timed for counter-clockwise rotation (can be changed to clockwise)
Weight 30 lbs.