Motenergy ME-0708 (ME1907) Brush-Type Permanent Magnet DC Motor

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This ME0708 is a Brush-Type, Permanent Magnet DC motor with very high efficiency. Capable of 4.8 KW continuous and 15 KW for 1 minute. For voltages from 12 to 48 VDC input and 100 amps continuous (300 amps for 1 minute).

Also know as ME1907

Power 4.8 KW continuous and 15 KW for 1 minute
Voltage 24-48 Volts
Speed 3360 rpm at 48V Unloaded
Size 8" OD, 5.5" long (w/o shaft)
Shaft 7/8"x 1-5/8", 3/16" key
Timed for counter-clockwise rotation (can be changed to clockwise)
Weight 28 lbs.

We recommend that if you are getting an SR controller to get the SR48400 that is turned down to 75% power output. Because the ME0708 has such a low inductance, the controller sees the motor as if it was a short circuit. By having this large controller, it can withstand this low inductance. You will also need to use a contactor that is rated for 200 amp continuous like the MZJ-200D with the appropriate diode & pre-charge resistor.