Domino Twist Grip Throttle - 0-5K Ohm - IP67 Rated (Dust & Water Resistant)

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The Italian made Domino twist throttle is high quality with a five wire output and a built in micro switch for added safety. The potentiometer can be configured in a 2 or three wire mode outputting either 0-5K or 5K-0 ohm.

The potentiometer in this model is weather sealed to IP67. Domino offers an identical model that is IP54.
IP67 = Dust proof & water proof to 10 feet under on the potentiometer.
IP54 = Limited dust protection & water resistant to splashes

  • Five wire output
  • Includes microswitch
  • Comes with matching 5" grip for opposite side
  • Comes with mating Tyco Superseal 5 connector with pins and seals
  • Fits 7/8" (22.15mm +/- 0.15mm) handle bars
  • Max potentiometer voltage 40V, max microswitch voltage 24V

Compared to the Magura twist grip which is also 0-5K, the Domino offers higher build quality. The grips are of a softer more comfortable rubber and the throttle motion range is slightly less which is more comfortable on the wrist.