Curtis FP-6 Style Throttle - 0-5K Ohm

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Ideal for tough environments such as material handling. Curtis style foot pedals are used with Curtis electronic motor speed controllers, as well as models by other manufacturers. Designed for maximum installation flexibility and durability. These pedals are made of rugged aluminum castings.
  • 0-5k ohm or 5k-0 ohm sealed 3-wire throttle
  • Two 2-wire microswitches
  • 3 ft + long, 7-wire unshielded cable
  • Adjustable spring-return on pedal, ~1.75" travel
  • Metal shaft with aluminum housing and rubber gaskets
  • Foot surface is ribbed aluminum with natural finish
For a 0-5K Ohm setup, use the Brown (1) & Black (2) wires for the throttle and Blue (4) and Yellow (5) for the foot switch.

Red (3) is the high side of the pot.
Brown (1) is the wiper.
Black (2) is the lowside of the pot.
For 5K-0 2 wire, use Red (3) and Brown (1)