Sevcon DC/DC Isolated Converter / Voltage Reducer 36/48 12V, 300 Watt - 622/11123 (4-Pin)

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Sevcon DC/DC Isolated Converter / Voltage Reducer 36/48 12V - 622/11123

Part Number: 622/11123 (4-pin model)

Same as the 62211111 : Sevcon 622/11111  but has a fuse.

Dimensions Standard:
7.5(L w/ base) x 2.98(W) x 1.70(H) inches-
5.6(L) x 2.87(W) x 1.69(H) inches
190(L) x 75.8(W) x 43.3(H) mm

Input Voltage nominal:
36-48V DC

Output Current:
The converter will deliver a load current of:
12V Volts @ 300 Watts, 25 Amps
Light load 13.5 Volts

Can be used to charge a battery

Operating Temperature: -25C to +55C

The Sevcon DC/DC Converters are suitable for all electric powered vehicles and are designed to be fitted on-board the vehicle and connected permanently to the battery.

These converters deliver a stable isolated high power, low voltage DC supply for such accessories as lights, horns, and wipers. This eliminates inefficient battery taps and fragile, expensive high voltage accessories.

Additional Features & Benefits

Compact Design
Custom designed for use with motor controllers, these compact, yet powerful converters can be connected in parallel for higher power requirements to perform reliably in industrial and commercial environments.

Stable Voltage
Output is regulated to 13.5V and is maintained regardless of input voltage variations throughout the operating range.

Durable Reliability
Encapsulated to achieve a protection rating to IP67, these converters can be used with complete confidence in the most punishing environments.

PDF For Sevcon Data Sheets, see our FAQ and Documents.