Motenergy ME-1616 PMAC Water Cooled Motor

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More coming at the end of February.

PMAC Water Cooled motor, an Radial Air Gap, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with an Internal Permanent Magnet Rotor (IPM) 

This has the same stator and rotor as the ME1507, but in a water cooled IP67 case. 

  • ME1616
  • PMAC Water Cooled motor
  • Up to 96 VDC battery systems
  • Continuous current of 250 amps
  • 7/8" keyed Shaft
  • Sine/Cosine Incoder
  • Weight 56.2 Lbs (25.5kg)
  • 120 NM peak torque with 600 Amps RMS
  • Torque Constant 0.22 NM/Amp