AMD (Advanced) Golf Cart Motor EY7-4001 (3268), E-Z-Go & Yamaha (Sepex), High Torque, Mid-range Speed

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Features include:
  • SepEx Motor with Regen
  • 12-hp@1300 rpm @ 36 volts - 14-18mph. @ 48V 18-20mph, and 50% increase in torque.
  • Double Brush set (8 brushes total)
  • High torque motor
  • Requires upgraded controller like the DCX500
  • For maximum performance, safety, and durability, a minimum of 4 gauge cables throughout the cart & heavy duty solenoid are required.
  • 19 Tooth Female Spline
  • 10" housing length, 12" including the sensor.

Cross Reference Numbers:

  • AMD XP2140
  • Nivel Part # 3268
  • Similar performance to the D1162
  • GE D1162
  • GE 5BC49JB1162

Best Practice Before Buying:
remove your existing motor and determine if it is Regen or Series type, that the shaft spline is 10 tooth or 19, and that your controller is compatible with the new motor.