Alltrax FN-Key - Modes & Regen Control Box For Alltrax XCT Gen2 Controllers

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This speed control box works with Alltrax XCT generation 2 regen controllers. This is the same as the FNKS product, but uses a key lock system to you can set a specific user mode, and leave it locked in that position. There is also a regen control dial. Put it on the dash for easy access or hide it under the seat. First generation XCT controllers do not have the receiving plug to work with this.

  • Key Lockable FN-KS provides 3 user modes, Normal, User1, and User 2. Each programmable for results, like street, performance, or low energy use green mode.
  • The other dial controls the regen parameters you set in the software.
  • Use the free Alltrax Toolkit software to set the parameters and range.
  • Speed and Acceleration can be linked or separated in the software.