Admiral MOT-D2 Golf Cart Motor for Yamaha Drive G29

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Features include:

  • For Yamaha YDRE
  • High Speed Motor
  • For Stock and Lifted carts
  • Shunt Motor with Regen 48 VDC
  • Speed up to 23 mph
  • Up to 50% increase in torque
  • 19 Tooth Female Spline
  • 10 HP Peak

This motor can work on a Yamaha G19 or G22 but needs a wire harrnes adaptor MOT-D2H.



MOT-D2 Recommended Alltrax Controller Approx Speed MPH Approx % Change in Torque
For Stock and Lifted carts with Mild Hills XCT48400 YDR 23 10
For Stock and Lifted carts with Mild Hills XCT48500 YDR 23/19
(Turbo Off)

* (Reference: Red Hawk Motors Specification)

Best Practice Before Buying:
remove your existing motor and determine if it is Regen or Series type, that the shaft spline is 10 tooth or 19, and that your controller is compatible with the new motor.