How To Determine If Your Cart is a Regen or Series

Determine If Your Golf Cart Is A Regen or Series & What Regen Model You Have

Five Easy Ways To Tell The Difference - Use At Least Two To Confirm
1. Does the Golf Cart have a Tow/Run switch or Run/Maintenance switch? This would be under the seat. If the cart DOES have this switch, it is a Regen (Regenerative Braking) cart. If there is NOT a switch, then its a Series cart.
See examples below (Fig. 1.1, Fig. 1.2 & Fig. 1.3).
Fig 1.1
Fig 1.2
Fig 1.3
Run/Maintenance Switch
Club Car
Tow/Run Switch
Tow/Run Switch
2. Series Vehicle Features
a. E-Z-GO Series Cart Features.

b. Club Car Series Cart Features.
3. Does the motor have a speed sensor wire protruding from the end head? If the answer is YES, then it is a Regen motor. If there is NO speed sensor lead on the motor, then it is a Series motor.
See Fig. 3 below.
Fig. 3
E-Z-GO Regen Motor Club Car Regen Motor
4. Are there 2 smaller diameter (1/4-20 UNC) terminals and 2 larger diameter (5/16-18 UNC) terminals on the motor? Or are all 4 terminal studs on the motor the same size (5/16-18 UNC)?
If there are 2 smaller and 2 larger terminals bolts, its a Regen motor.
If all 4 bolts are the same size, then its a Series motor.
See Fig. 4 below
Fig. 4
5. What do the motor Field Coil Windings Look Like?
  a. Regen motors have "shunt" or "round wire" coils, usually with smaller gauge wire (12AWG - 24AWG range). Usually, with a large amount of turns (60 to 200+ turns) per field coil.
  b. Series motors have "flat wire" coils with larger wire sizes. Usually, the wire is rectangular in shape (cross-section). These coils have a much lower number of turns (usually 5 to 15 turns) per field coil.
See Fig. 5a & 5b below
Fig. 5a

Fig. 5b
Note: A Regen cart will normally automatically slow down when you hit approximately 15 MPH going down a hill. This is for safety reasons (as not to over-spin the armature).
If you have a Regen Vehicle, continue on to the section below to determine the model.


1. For EZ-GO Regen carts, you must determine if it is a DCS (Drive Control System) or PDS (Power Drive System) cart. This can be determined by the type of Forward/Reverse switch and controller. Be advised, more often than not, the model type is written right on the cart itself.
See examples (Fig. 1.1 & Fig. 1.2) below.


Fig. 1.1
Fig. 1.2
Shift Handle &
SX Speed Controller
36V 275A (DCS) 9 Pin
Rocker Switch &
1206-MX Speed Controller 36V 275A (PDS) Multi Pin
2. 2For Club Car Regen carts, you must determine if it is a Regen I, PDPlus / Regen II , IQ/Precedent (NOT I2) or Precedent I2 model. This can be determined by the type of Forward/Reverse switch and/or the type of controller in the cart. See examples below.
Note: IQ Carts will have a Serial Number on the data plate that begins with the letter "Q".

Fig. 2.1
Rocker Switch w/ IQ Plug.
& IQ Controller
Club Car IQ cart.
Fig. 2.2
Rocker Switch NO IQ Plug
See Fig. 2.3 & 2.4
** How to identify an Precedent I2 car
In the last half of 2008, Club Car introduced their new Precedent i2 car. The body is that of the Precedent cart, but the wiring and electronics are different that their previous IQ/Precedent models.
Cosmetically, the Precedent and i2 cart look the same even the wiring harness looks the same. The wire harness interface is still the 16 pin white connector and will plug into both the IQ/Precedent and the Precedent i2 controllers. The wiring in the connector and the throttle are different between the two cars and are not compatible.
The fastest and easiest way to identify the i2 car is by the color of the controller. The IQ/Precedent car uses a BLACK Curtis controller. The i2 car uses a GREY Curtis controller (PN: 103403401) .
The location of the controller has changed since the initial release of the i2. The controller could be located in the center console or on the passenger side of the car against the rear battery wall.
Fig. 2.3
Fig. 2.4
Regen I Controller
(PN- 1018537-01 )
Regen II Controller
(PN- 1018879-01)
- And No IQ Plug :
Regen I cart
- And No IQ Plug :
PDPlus or Regen II cart
3. 5 For Yamaha Regen carts you must determine the "G" number model of the cart. (ex. G19, G22, G29 or GMAX).