Original Curtis PB-8 Throttle

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The Curtis PB-8 has a 3-wire design to accommodate controllers with a 3-wire input, but also can be used on all 2-wire configurations and has the same footprint and mounting pattern as the PB-6. It was designed for cable actuation. The PB-8 is outfitted with a micro switch which may be optionally used for various control inputs.

  • Curtis Style PB-8
  • The PB-8 is an input device between the Throttle pedal and the speed controller.
  • Stainless case with a micro switch built in
  • The potbox is the throttle in an EV
  • The potbox tells the controller how much input needed by the controller
  • The potbox's lever arm is attached to the existing accelerator cable.
  • Height: 3.75", Width: 4", Depth: 1.875"
  • Weight: 10 oz

White = Low

Black = Wiper

Red = High