Navitas TPM400-48 Motor Controller

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Features include:

  • Navitas TPM400-48
  • 24 to 48 Volt DC Input
  • 0-5K 2-Wire throttle systems
  • 400 amps peak armature current
  • 200 amps continuous armature current
  • Contactor-less motor reversing
  • Regenerative braking
  • Up to 400 amps peak current
  • Fully programmable with the Navitas PC Probit programming package (Sold separately or I can program it for you before shipping)
  • Safe sequencing and power-up diagnostics\
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Current and thermal limiting
  • Resistive or voltage throttle input
  • Static return to off (SRO) function

Manufacturer's website Navitas

The TPM 400 by Navitas Technologies’ is a brushed permanent magnet motor controllers that combines the power of high efficiency MOSFETs with micro processor technology to provide flexible, adjustable and reliable control. The PC Probit computer based tuning software (sold separately or I can program it for you before shipping) allows fast and unique set-up of the TPM400 for each application.
The TPM line of controllers are full H bridge (4 quadrant) motor controllers designed for use with brushed permanent magnet motors with a drive capacity of up to 400A peak at 24 to 48 VDC. TPM controllers offer regenerative braking capabilities and do not require the use of directional contactors. TPM controllers are also user configurable through a CAN interface.

Designed for the rigorous demands of the material handling industry, the TPM family of controllers is also suitable for other applications like automated guided vehicles, aerial lift equipment, burden carriers, airport ground service equipment, utility vehicles, and more.