Alltax, Saving A Log File SR/XCT

Saving A Log File With Alltrax SPM/XCT Controller Software

Here is a video demonstration of this process.

Connect to the controller so you can see it in the software. You should be able to read the model and serial number in the upper left, and see the controller settings on the right.

Click on the Monitor tab in the upper right (see picture below).

The monitor functions start when you open the Monitor tab. So before creating and saving a monitor file, click Stop under the monitor functions on the left side of the software.

Before you start and create a log, you need to save the Monitor.csv file to your computer where you can find it later. We suggest saving it to your Desktop. Make sure Frequency is set to Continuous, and click to check the box for Log to File. Then click on Browse, choose where on your computer to save the file and hit save.

Then when you are ready to begin the monitor press Start in the Monitor Functions area. Run your test, and then press Stop. The log will now be saved to your computer.

If you need to create a second or third log, you will need to browse and save again with a new name, like Monitor-2.csv. Otherwise you will over-right your first test.

If you intend to send the file to Alltrax for review, send the original Monitor.csv file, without opening it with a program. It may corrupt the file so Alltrax cannot read it.

To look the file for your own use, use a Spreadsheet program like Excel or LibreOffice.

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