How To Run A Log File On An Alltrax SR/XCT Cont

How To Run A Log File On An Alltrax SR/XCT Controller

Alltrax SR and XCT motor controllers are capable of running and recording a log file that the technicians at Alltrax can read to help them diagnose problems. You will need a portable computer that can be connected to the controller while driving for this.

Here is how to run a log file:

1. First make sure you have downloaded the newest version of the Alltrax Toolkit at their website.

2. Once it is installed on your portable computer,
open the Alltrax Toolkit software and then connect to your controller.

3. Click on the ‘Monitor’ tab near the top of the screen.

4. Click the ‘Stop’ button on the left.

5. Below ‘Stop’ there is a check box labeled ‘Log to file’, check this box.

6. Click ‘Browse’ beside the check box. A new window will appear. Use this to select where to save the log file you are going to create. Picking the desktop makes it easy to find later.

7. Before you start driving the cart click the "Start" button, this will begin recording.

8. Drive the car, trying to recreate the issue. Once you are done driving come to a complete stop and hit the "stop" button.

9. There should now be a file saved to your desktop called "Monitor.csv". Attach the file to an email to EVDrives who will forward it to Alltrax for review.

10. If you would like to see a video. How to record a monitor file - YouTube

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