DPI Golf Cart Charger 48V 17A with Club Car Round Connector (For Cars Without OBC) - Gen IV - Accusense Intelligent Charger

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The new Gen IV Accusense Intelligent Chargers use a smart, microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage charge algorithm for various battery types used in golf carts and other electric or industrial vehicle applications. The Multi-stage charging system allows the charger to analyze the charge state and condition of an individual battery or battery pack. It will then proceed with a charging sequence to refresh and recharge the battery/battery pack to achieve top performance. You can select from 32 different charging algorithms to match your battery type.

The new Gen IV charger uses a detachable output cable with different connections options. This includes the 9' DC cable with a crow foot connector, and a 9' AC power cable.

If your Club Car has an on-board charging computer (OBC) then you will need this charger instead. Learn what an on-board computer is and if you have one in this FAQ document.

Features include:
  • 48 Volts
  • 17 Amp Charging Output
  • Club Car Round 3-pin Plug Output Connector
  • UL/CSA Listed
  • No Spark Charging, Reverse Battery Protection
  • 20 Amp DC Panel Meter
  • 9ft Length Input and Output Cords
  • Designed/Made In USA
  • 31 lbs (14.1kg), 6.25x6.875x10.25in (159x175x260mm)
  • Mode Selector allows user to select from 32 charging algorithms for most types of golf car batteries

2-year limited warranty from date of purchase. Please refer to DPI Manual.