D&D ES-51-25 Golf Cart Motor, EZGO Series, Speed & Torque

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Features include:

  • For EZGO Series1992 & later
  • Hi Torque / Speed for Stock or Large Tires
  • Series Motor 48 VDC
  • 10.5 HP Peak @ 5350 @ 48VDC
  • Approximate Speed 23 mph *
  • 19 Tooth Female Spline
  • 11" long
  • 58 lbs
  • Replaces the D380 motor
EZGO Series @ 48 VDC
Recommended Alltrax Controller Speed up to on 36 volts Speed up to on 48 volts Approx % Change in Torque +
Torque & Speed with Stock or Large Tires SR48400 Amp 19 23 50
Torque & Speed with Stock or Large Tires SR48500 Amp 19 23 60
Torque & Speed with Stock or Large Tires SR48650 Amp 19 23 70

Vehicle performance specifications are compared to the standard factory performance. Several factors can effect the performance. Some are battery conditions; tire size, tread type and air pressure and varying environmental conditions. Standard factory speeds normally run between 12 - 14 MPH.

It’s recommended that you upgrade wiring throughout the golf cart to a minimum of 4 AWG and a contactor that is rated for 400 amp continuous.

Alltrax has come out with a new set of field maps for the DCX Controllers to maximize the performance of these motors. If you wish to use your current controller it needs to be updated to this new field map or it could cause failure to both the motor & controller. You are welcome to send your controller to us to be programmed for a fee of $15 to pay for shipping the controller back to you.

* (Reference: D&D Motors Specification)