Lester Battery Chargers

We stock a good selection of Lester battery chargers. Lester offers a two year warranty.

Bluetooth App For Algorithm Changes & Diagnostics
Download the free Lester Charger app to your Apple or Android device. After connecting your device with the charger via wireless Bluetooth, you can select the correct charging algorithm, and access a host of useful diagnostic features.

Cloud Access For New Algorithms

You can connect to the cloud to grab new charging algorithms, and to save your charger data to be viewed anywhere, anytime.

Energy Efficient

Lester chargers are high-frequency chargers. Compared to larger and heavier transformer style chargers that are only about 75% energy efficient, the Lester chargers are around 90% energy efficient. So they save you electricity costs. Compliant with the latest California Energy Commission (CEC) and Department of Energy (DOE) standards.

Multi Voltage Chargers
The 36/48V Summit II 650W chargers automatically detect what voltage you are using, so you can use the charger on your 36 & 48 volt packs. The Summit II 1050w chargers can charge either 24,36 or 48 volt packs.

Lester Manuals

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20 of 20 Items